About the Residency Program

The Saint Francis Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program curriculum prepares residents for the challenges of an active family practice. Although opportunities for learning exist throughout your family medicine career, it is the years during training that allow a continuous open flow of questions and answers.

 At Saint Francis Hospital, you will be exposed to a vast array of patient care responsibilities and experiences, including education in the traditional specialties and sub-specialties of medicine and surgery.

To further enhance your family medicine skills, you will also receive training in the behavioral aspects of medicine and the management of the family as a social unit.

 The Program presents extensive learning opportunities through a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient clinical exposures. As a resident, you will manage your own patients for three years, providing them with continuous care.

First Year

The residency operates on a 12 month block schedule.Your first year contains rotations in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics and emergency medicine. Unique to our Program is a newborn/obstetrics rotation where residents follow, deliver and discharge both mothers and newborns alike. It is truly a family medicine experience.

First Year Rotation Schedule

  • Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital  2 months
  • Pediatrics ER (OFF SITE)  1 month
  • Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital  2 months
  • Cardiology (OFF SITE)  1 month
  • ENT/Ophthalmology (OFF SITE)  1 month
  • OB/Newborn at Saint Francis Hospital  2 months
  • Emergency Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital  1 month
  • Family Practice Center (Outpatient)  1 month
  • Nigh Float  1 month

Pediatric ER is held at A.I.DuPont Hospital. Sub-specialty experiences in ENT/ophthalmology, Cardiology are provided early in your training. In addition, as a first-year-resident, you will see patients in the office, at a minimum of one half-day per week. A specific FPC outpatient rotation provides an intense exposure to the ambulatory care area.

Second Year

During the second year, your training consists of three months of inpatient medicine with added responsibility in the ICU. The inpatient pediatrics rotations are held at A.I. DuPont Institute and Christiana Care, both tertiary pediatric hospital. At this time, increasing emphasis is placed on various sub-specialty experiences such as dermatology, psychiatry.

 At the start of your second year, Dr. Bonner, Dr. Eberts, and Dr. Gutierrez will introduce you to geriatrics in the nursing home setting. Geriatrics is a longitudinal rotation over the 2nd and 3rd year. Home visits are supervised by Dr. Bonner.

Second Year Rotation Schedule

  • Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital – 2 months
  • Family Medicine Service (FMS) at Saint Francis Hospital – 1 month
  • Pediatrics Inpatient(off site) – 2 months
  • Orthopedics with Premier Orthopedics at Saint Francis Hospital – 1 month
  • Psychiatry (off site) – 1 month
  • OBGYN at Saint Francis Hospital – 2 months
  • Dermatology/Urology (off site) – 1 month
  • GYN – 2 months
  • Night Float – 1 month
  • Community Medicine/Occupational Health (off site) – 1 month

Due to the new ACGME rules, calls for PGY 2 are approximately 4 – 6/month. PGY 2 residents will do two 24 hour calls and usually a 12 hour call and OB call each month.

Third Year

Your third year provides elective time for individually-defined education. An abundance of clinical opportunities are available for the four months of electives, which could include time in radiology, urgent care, palliative care, gastroenterology among many other options.

Our program allows time for you to develop training in a major clinical field of interest in family medicine, such as obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, sports medicine, outpatient surgery and/or internal medicine.

 During the third year, you have the opportunity to test your medical knowledge and administrative skills when you are the supervising resident on the medicine team for two months. The number of office hours increases to three half days per week.

 Scholarship activity is required through development of a clinical practice improvement project. Many residents also take advantage of the opportunity to do presentation at Delaware AFP program.