Cancer Prevention and Support Services

Saint Francis Hospital
Medical Office Building, Third Floor
701 N. Clayton Street
Wilmington, DE 19805

Phone 302.421.4970

The focus of the Cancer Prevention and Support Services at Saint Francis Hospital is YOU. Cancer prevention and early detection of cancer are vitally important. There are many reasons why you should have preventive screenings for cancer. Some cancers can be found early when they are most treatable. Saint Francis offers a full array of services and state-of-the art technology for early detection, diagnosis and treatment including surgery and Chemotherapy on site. Our Patient Care Navigators will provide you with personalized service from education on prevention to screenings to timely coordination of cancer support services in a caring environment that will make you feel embraced and empowered.

The Patient Care Navigators at Saint Francis Cancer Prevention and Support Services assist you in navigating the complexities of cancer screening, cancer diagnosis, and treatment in many ways by providing:

  • Education on prevention, cancer risk factors and cancer screenings particularly focusing on Breast, Colon, Prostate and Cervical Cancer prevention
  • Assistance in navigating the healthcare system from  the screening process, through the continuum of diagnosis and treatment
  • Cancer prevention awareness information through outreach educational programs at Churches, Senior Centers and Community Centers throughout the area
  • Assistance if you are uninsured as to eligibility for various state or local programs that offer financial assistance for screenings, social services, treatment and therapies
  • Cancer screenings if you are uninsured or underinsured
  • Assistance in determining eligibility and enrolling in state programs such as Screening for Life, and Delaware Cancer Treatment Program
  • Follow-up for any individual with abnormal findings assisting with timely intervention, referrals,  appointment scheduling ,  and social services
  • Timely coordination of cancer treatment resources for medical coverage, medications, transportation, financial assistance, and navigation through the healthcare system
  • Collaboration  with the American Cancer Society, Delaware Cancer Consortium, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Delaware Cancer Support Community, Delaware Cancer Consortium, Division of Public Health, Screening for Life, and other community resources on your behalf

Allow us to help you get the screenings you need and guide you through the process.
Call 302.421.4970 for more information.