Charity Care Programs

Saint Francis Hospital is committed to bringing state-of-the-art medical resources to our region. Through our charity care programs, Saint Francis extends its care beyond the walls of the hospital, reaching into the neighborhoods of New Castle County to identify, diagnose and treat underserved populations who have limited or no options for primary healthcare services.

Center of Hope
This full-service Family Practice Center provides primary healthcare to medically underserved people in the Newark area, with a special focus on the needs of the Latino community. In addition to medical care, the Center combines an intensive patient education program with each visit to help reduce acute illness and promote healthy lifestyles in an at-risk population.

Saint Clare Medical Outreach Van
As a full-service doctor’s office on wheels, the Saint Clare Medical Outreach Van travels the streets of Wilmington delivering medical care to people who are homeless, poor and uninsured. Every day, the Van’s staff vaccinate children who are uninsured, dispense medications for people with prescriptions they cannot afford to fill, and provide ongoing medications for people with chronic illnesses and acute medical problems.

Tiny Steps Program
The Tiny Steps Program is giving the smallest, most vulnerable members of our community a fighting chance. Operating out of the Family Practice Center at Saint Francis Hospital and the Center of Hope in Newark, Tiny Steps offers complete prenatal and maternity care, bilingual health classes, patient/parent education and counseling to all expectant mothers, regardless of their financial circumstances.