Saint Francis Family Birthplace

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Special Memories

Saint Francis Family Birthplace offers a difference you can feel. Even before the baby arrives, mom can prepare for a most satisfying experience by taking one of our childbirth education classes.

When it’s time for delivery, moms can feel focused and relaxed by bringing their own music, a favorite pillow or family photographs. There’s even a Jacuzzi® in the room to help with relaxation. In fact, our Labor/Delivery/Recovery suites are more like home than hospital, enabling expectant mothers to remain in one comfortable room at every stage. All without sacrificing necessary equipment needed in normal delivery, including a labor/delivery bed, fetal monitoring system and warming bed for newborns.

These well-designed suites also make it easier for staff members to offer the personal care that is the hallmark of Saint Francis Hospital. For newborns requiring extra medical attention the qualified, compassionate staff of the Saint Francis Special Care Nursery is here to help. For 15 years we’ve been caring for babies as young as 30 weeks of gestation with various medical problems.