Our Values

Values in Practice is a living demonstration of Saint Francis Hospital’s Core Values: Reverence for each person, Community, Justice, Commitment to those who are poor, Stewardship, Courage and Integrity. The goal of Saint Francis Hospital’s Values in Practice is to create a values-based culture of caring that results in a better environment for patients and residents to receive care, colleagues to work and physicians to practice medicine.

Pillars of Excellence

Values in Practice is a commitment every colleague makes to preserve our mission to be a transforming, healing presence in the community we serve, through the alignment of behaviors that reflect our values-based culture of caring and excellence. At the center of Values in Practice are our five Pillars of Excellence, which provide the infrastructure for goal setting and evaluation of our actions:

  • Service
  • Quality
  • People
  • Finance
  • Growth

Principles of Values in Practice

Leaders throughout Saint Francis Hospital have been educated on the nine principles of Values in Practice including the concepts, strategies, and tactics for creating and sustaining a culture of caring through excellence.

  • Commit to Excellence
  • Measure the Important Things
  • Build a Culture around Excellence
  • Create and Develop Leaders
  • Focus on Colleague Satisfaction
  • Build Individual Accountability
  • Align Behaviors with Goals and Values
  • Communicate at All Levels
  • Reward and Recognize Success

Commitment to Diversity

Integral within this framework is Saint Francis Hospital’s commitment to fostering diversity. As a member of the Catholic Health system that is committed to our mission and values, we call upon ourselves to develop a culture that welcomes, embraces, and is enriched by individual differences and similarities. Our goal is to create a system that integrates the principles of inclusion and diversity as essential elements of a mission-centered, high-performing organization.

Nursing Reinvented

In accordance with our Values in Practice, Saint Francis has reinvented our nursing package from the ground up. Find out why the changes we made will make nursing at Saint Francis the perfect career for you:

  • A more supportive work environment
  • Self-scheduling
  • Better nurse-to-patient ratios
  • On-site day care
  • Nurse managers specifically trained to be great listeners
  • Mentor training for nurse managers
  • One of the most extensive education programs in the state
  • A small intimate work environment
  • An overhauled pay scale
  • An individually paced orientation program for new hires

Saint Francis recently received a score from JCAHO that puts us in the top 5% of like hospitals. It’s no wonder we have one of the lowest nurse turnover rates around.

If you’d like to experience “nursing reinvented”, call our nurse recruiter at 302.421.4113.