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Volunteer Application - Saint Francis Healthcare - Wilmington, DE

Volunteer Application

  • Thank you for your interest in Volunteering.
    The information contained on this application will be used to evaluate whether an appropriate placement is available for you within the volunteer services program.

    An * indicates a required field.

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Volunteer Information


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  • By submitting this form, I authorize Saint Francis Healthcare to verify the information I have provided on this application. I understand that any misstatement, omission or misleading information given in my application or interview may result in the rejection of my application or interview, or the withdrawal of any volunteer offer. I authorize Saint Francis Healthcare to make a thorough investigation and release from all liability and responsibility all person and entities, including my present employer, requesting or supplying information about my education, employment and activities, personal or otherwise. I acknowledge that any employment with Saint Francis Hospital will be on a 90-day introductory basis. I understand that, if selected as a volunteer, I must abide by all rules and policies of the volunteer services program and that I can be terminated at any time.